Saturday, 13 February 2016

Our final idea

     After quite a bit of research we found out that a bridge facing upside-down can be stronger if done rightly.We saw many groups who did it upside-down and some did not manage to hold much weight while some held quite a bit of impressive weight.Theoretically,our idea in the software worked and we tried copying it to the best of our possibilities.
     Our bridge looked quite nice.We kept in mind that the bridge would not be too heavy and overloaded.That was our main worry but luckily we overcame it.The problem came right after.Our bridge was the lightest bridge in the cohort with a weight of only 178 grams.Our mistake was that we did not quite build our base properly or else we could have made it till 20 at least.Unfortunately,our grave mistake led to our bridge only able to hold 5 kg.It was not a failure but rather a victory as we realised our mistakes and given a second chance we will surely do better.
     Our left side of the bridge was slightly weak.As shown in the software the left and the right side gains quite a but of tension.We did not take that into much consideration and it ended up collapsing.We had glued the other parts of the bridge more and put more ice-cream sticks at certain parts of the bridge.The unbalance in force caused the bridge to break.We should have joined the weak parts with glue and more ice-cream sticks to even out the force acting on the bridge and this would have helped us hold more weight.
     The middle part which had the 3 triangles provided the most strength.It helped the bridge whit stand the weight put on it.The 3 triangles provided support when the pressure started to build up.When our bridge was starting to curve downwards the 3 triangles prevented the bridge from collapsing immediately.If the 3 triangles were put evenly throughout the bridge we could have fared much better.

Our Bridge final Idea :

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