Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Problem statement and specific requirements

PT1.1 - Engineering Goals

1.1           Problem statement and specific requirements 

Problem Statement: To build a bridge that is light but yet able to uphold heavy objects.

So how is this possible? 
Well, we used a few ways to help construct this bridge. We use a simulator to 'build' a
virtual bridge so as to test out weather our ideas or WHOOSE ideas are the best for 
building as non stable bridge means that it would not be able to carry and support 
weight that is being put onto it.Therefore, we have to consolidate as a team, to take down 
records and analyse how we can build and test our many different ways to build the 
bridge.We even tried to build the bridge upside down to test weather it is stronger 
than the original bridge! 

After numerous test and failures, we managed to come out with a bridge. It is strong, 
but the only downside is that it takes lots of time and effort to build, while some of our 
group mates are heading out of Singapore to celebrate Chinese New Year. 
Also, it is quite heavy for a bridge but we managed to cut down some weight on the 
bridge.Therefore, we decided to rush our bridge building on Friday and we completed 
most parts of it.

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